There are some rules to follow to ensure you are proactively managing your career to maximise future career opportunities:

  1. Take stock of recent achievements and personal development to ensure your CV is always up to date and you have a clear idea of what you need/want to achieve in the year ahead.
  2. Use your personal network and the ‘professional grapevine’. Actively meet up with potentially useful contacts in a social setting or attend ‘networking’ events in your current role which may afford the ‘excuse’ of meeting useful contacts.
  3. Always try and leave a role amicably, aim to maintain professional contact with decision makers, you never know where they will move onto themselves.
  4. Be constantly aware of your market, keep in touch with recruitment agents you feel you know well and make them aware you will always consider a great opportunity. You can always say ‘no’ but equally, give yourself the option to weigh up high quality opportunities against your current situation.